The Swedish and Norwegian superstitions that were once part of New Year's Eve have dwindled into oblivion. Most Scandinavians attend a festive dinnerparty followed by fireworks. A TV-broadcast from the Skansen stage in Stockholm has become part of the modern Swedish tradition and can be viewed on SVT Play HERE.

Replacing ABBA's Happy New Year as my New Year's Eve anthem is this version of Sverige, (originally by Kent). With financial instability and extreme parties across the world winning supporters, it is not without anxiety that Europe greets 2013. The political climate in Sweden and Norway is also shifting.

Let us never forget that "the function of freedom is to free someone else" (Toni Morrison).

Happy New Year!

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Aniika sa...

Åh, älskar, älskar den låten! Gott nytt år på er! Nu laddar vi för julen 2013, inte sant? :)

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