As most readers have figured out, this blog features a season. The question is, for how long should we be posting updates on this blog? There seem to be a consensus in our family that christmas preparations and inpirations start in october, but when does christmas season end?

In Sweden, christmas celebrations traditionally ended on the twelfth night after christmas, which was also the nameday of Knut. Hence christmas lasted til Knut's day. When Knut's nameday was moved in the 17th century to the twentieth day after christmas, the season was simply extended by a week. Then, of course, there's also the traditional song Nu är det jul igen that coined the phrase  "christmas lasts until easter"...

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onesheep sa...

Hi! My name is Karen and I live in Virginia in USA and I love your blog. I am Catholic and we celebrate Christmas from Christmas Day till Ash Wednesday! But we start decorating for Christmas after the third Sunday of Advent.

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