Nobody knows why Swedish tradition demands seven different kinds of home made cookies if it's to be considered a proper cookie platter (usually accompanying coffee). It's a custom that suddenly gained popularity in the late 1800's, and its origin remains a mystery to this day.
What we do know is that food and retail company ICA dates back to 1917. In 1945 one of its subdivisions held a competition for cookie recipies yielding more than 8000 entries. The best recipes were compiled into a collection that quickly became a household staple in Sweden. By 2005 the 84 continually revised editions had sold 3,4 million copies over the years. An edition in English was released in 2008 and is the ultimate christmas gift for any baker with a Scandinavian heritage or interest. 
Available anywhere in Sweden, for example here (Swedish), here (English) and here (Swedish). Preview available at

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Daytona @ Outside Oslo sa...

I love the tradition of the seven cookies. In fact, I'm working my way this year through some of the ones most typically included in the list, and writing about them over at Outside Oslo. I think one of my favorites is serinakaker.

Also, I have a copy of the book you mentioned, and it's GREAT!

Anna Linda sa...

Hei Daytona,
I got my copy at age 10 from my grandmother and it shows signs of being well used to say the least! Never tried serinakaker myself, but look forward to reading about them on your blog.

Jennifer Sonja sa...

Oh yes, the seven different types of cookies! I am really looking forward to the pepperkaker this year, it is one of my favorites ;) And the recipe book sounds delightful! May have to get myself a copy...

Anna Linda sa...

Hei Jennifer! Nice to see you found your way here again. Pepperkaker is my son's favourite as well. He'd start munching them in July if he could. I do recommend the book, and have a peek at Daytonas blog for Norwegian recipes under the tag "syv slag" for more inspiration.

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