This tablecloth comes with a personal letter of recommendation from our family. The geometrical dräll patterns are a Swedish classic, and while I'm grateful to have inherited the beautiful real deal in linen, this cheaper version is the one used most in our home. 

It's a linen and cotton mix that is durable beyond imagination. The laundry directions say cold wash only, but I've had mine in both warm and hot cycles and even the tumbler. It still looks good going on its 9th year. (Ours is white, so perhaps colours would fade if you abuse yours like we do ours...) 

It's rather thin so sometimes we use a silencer, and to get it shiny, expect a lot of work with your iron. But most of the time we just iron it when damp and consider it good enough for a family get together involving kids.  

Available in 5 colours at Hemtex

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