As much as we love christmas and all its trappings, we also love cutting back, and keeping things simple. The parents in this family felt we could live without a lot of the trimmings - a.k.a. stress- and still enjoy the season to the fullest. Perhaps that should read in order to enjoy the eason to the fullest. So we took an inventory of what matters most to us during the holidays. In short: music, food and plants.

Our christmas essentials list:
Christmas music in our home. 
Lucia and saphron buns. 
Advent lights. 
Treats and goodies. 
A christmas tree.  
A special meal with local traditional ingredients.  
Reading from the gospel of Luke.

Turns out our son's list is even shorter:
Decorations (he answered "pynt" with a smile)
Christmas tree.
Gingerbread cookies. 

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Bente sa...

HELT enig -- ser at vår "bortejul" blir en riktig "hjemmejul"!!!!

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