Morberg lagar husmanskostSystrarna Eisenmans mingelmat : 565 snittar, snacks & smårätterAnnas mat

Yes, we've been through this before. It's a want, not a need per se. But dear husband, I would argue that I've improved in the kitchen the past 7 years (remember the exploded egg whilst engaged?) and great cookbooks have helped along the way. Perhaps we can consider these course literature?

Per Morberg, I'll admit it, his mannerisms disgusted me at first but now I'm a big fan. The Eisenman sisters have written a party food bible and it's been on my wishlist since it was released. Annas Mat is my all time number one cookbook, but the re-revisions and new editions annoy me. Some recipes are found in quite a few of her cookbooks. It makes me feel as though I'm paying for some chapters more than once. If this is the final version (with new recipes) I want it. Otherwise I'll stick with the ones I already own.

Preview of the books available at Adlibris, see links.

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