Since 1901, the Nobel Prizes have been presented to Laureates at ceremonies on the anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death, the 10th of December. The official webpage of the Nobel foundation is wonderfully comprehensive, with everything from educational games to science documentaries to live webcasts of the awards.

Most commissions for the banquet,  from Swedish suppliers, are available commercially as well. A bit on the pricey side for every day use, but great souvenirs for the design oriented. Beats a plastic viking helmet.

Table linen Nobel from Klässbols by Ingrid Dessau
Tableware Nobel from Rörstrand by Karin Björkqvist
Silverware Nobel from Gense by Gunnar Cyrén
Stemware Nobel from Orrefors by Gunnar Cyrén

Other ways to sample the event: Visit the Nobel Museum. Take a virtual tour of the City Hall. Enjoy the Nobel menu of previous anno at The City hall restaurant, Stadshuskällaren. Your cheat sheet to the event from Sweden.se

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