Despite my love for beautiful things and all things christmas there is something about holiday consumption that is off putting to me. Anna at Annas Jul is attempting a more environmentally conscious celebration this year and so are we. Though christmas is certainly no askesis in our household, I try to rein in expectations before they become overwhelming. In addition to our attempt to cut back on unnecessary frills, we are also prioritizing local meats and vegetables when possible. This year we're also considering gifting tickets, season passes and experiences, rather than piles toys for the children.

All of your additional suggestions are welcome.

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Anja Olergård sa...

I'm with you! Last year, I gave my husband a donation to Medicins sans frontiers. Normally, I really dislike when charity organisations spend my money on frills, but msf had printed a little booklike leaflet that told a little about how the money is used, and they had done a really good job. "For every gift you buy, you have to give the same amount to charity." Have never been brave enough to enforce it. Maybe this year?

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