I am not in the business of reinventing the wheel, so whenever someone from abroad asks for a recipe of a Swedish or Scandinavian dish I send them one of the links below.

It's my little list of excellent recipes from Scandinavia that are tested and adapted for a global crowd.

Happy cooking!

SAVEUR - Scandinavian Recipes  
SAVEUR - A Scandinavian Dinner Party 
World Food Channel - World Recipes: Scandinavian Recipes
Jamie Oliver - Super quick salmon gravlax
Martha Stewart Living - Swedish Crayfish Boil
Martha Stewart Living - Dinner Party, Northern Light: The cold/weather comforts of Sweden
Marcus Samuelsson on Martha - How to make pickled cucumber salad
Food Network/Marcus Samuelsson - Gravlax Club Sandwich
Epicurious/Andreas Viestad - Fish soup from Bergen 
Rachael Ray - Sailor's beef and potato casserole

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