I bought a cheap blown glass pitcher a decade ago, and after using it and finding it great I decided to get another. To my horror, well all right, to my disappointment it had been discontinued, and I haven't found one as good or pretty as that since. Two months ago it slipped out of my grip and I have been in mourning ever since.

Looking for a business idea in Scandinavia? Here's one: good pitchers for every day use. They're actually really hard to come by! Stelton is trying to fill the void with Freja. I applaud the effort. Durable steel, with a 2 liter capacity, and good looks -I'm almost convinced. But the handle means it can't go in the dishwasher, and with a hefty price tag... it still leaves me on the fence.

The search continues.

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Aniika sa...

Jag älskar min vattenkaraff från Eva Solo, helt klart bästa bröllopspresenten. Enda nackdelen är att man måste fylla på den så ofta, rymmer inte jättemkt.

AL/Scandinavian Christmas sa...

Ja, den är kanon, håller med. Men så fort man får gäster blir den alltför liten, och jag vill ofta servera vatten och en ytterligare dryck så då måste jag ha tre eller fyra Solos och det känns lite överdrivet. Men hon har gjort olika storlekar. Kanske ska ta och kolla in dem igen.

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