Yesterday morning when I turned on the TV, I learned the news about the attacks in Paris last night. I have to admit, Christmas blogging feels petty and self absorbed. Attacks on civilans, a full blown refugee crisis, and an escalating hostility in Europe, and here sit I, blogging about dinnerware, music and gifts.

At the same time I feel as if it compels me to continue. Because if we keep changing our lives out of fear, fear being the purpose of such attacks, then we have admitted defeat. Yet, that sort of shallow defiance makes little difference to those who suffer now.

I will celebrate Christmas, and I will make sure that I make it an inclusive one, extending friendship beyond my present comfort zone. I will celebrate a simpler Christmas, donate more and spend more time involved with charity. I will sing, I will pray, I will light candles for a season of peace.

Better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.

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