Lisbeth Carlborg is a former minister and vicar in the Church of Sweden and is presently a lecturer and instructor.

"Keeping it simple is the most difficult! We've extracted ourselves from the real meaning of christmas.
Christmas is the time when we should pause our life, be still, enjoy the silence and open our eyes to life's simple gifts. Instead we rush about, christmas has grown stressful, something that isn't in tune with it's original purpose.

Lisbeths's advice for a stress-free christmas:

1. Say a christmas prayer
The [lutheran protestant] christmas prayer is just the right duration, for both adults and children. There is enough time afterwards for Santa and gifts.

2. The church
Visit it to light a candle. Be reminded of the meaning of christmas and delight in the beauty around you.

3. Limit the numbers
Dare to be a few of you! It provides more time and space for enjoying each other's company. Read the christmas gospel aloud.

4. Go for a walk on christmas eve
Calm your mind with a walk and give yourself time to ponder and reflect.

5. Sit in your favourite spot
Relax with beautiful music. Rejoice in the good things in your life. "

From an interview in Sköna hem december 1998.

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