I have lamented my lack of flower pots here on the blog, but this year I've begun to collect a few ones so that we'll be somewhat stocked come Christmas. This book offers simple suggestions that do not require any degree of floral skills, which suits yours truly perfectly... Preview Krukväxter by Malin Hidesäter and Anna Skoog. 

Speaking of a mom not to keen on cooking today... perhaps Lisa Lemkes one pot meals in can inspire me enough to remedy the lack of cooked meals this weekend. The images are schock-full of fall food beauty. Preview Allt i en gryta here.

Fall is the most beautiful season in the forests and mountains. I savour the images of Magasin Höga kusten. My boys just need to get a few years older, and then I'll drag them along on all sorts of hikes! I can't wait! Read the entire magazine here.

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